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One More Day…

I never thought I would see the day when I was glad to see the back of my kids but just over 7 weeks of summer holidays takes its toll. We’ve toiled with overseas trips, movies, day excursions, baking, swimming, extra-curricular classes, Disneyland, playdates … and it was all good until we hit the 7th week. This last week despite activities to keep them occupied, they’ve been edgy and in each others faces. Oh – the fighting – non-stop with one riling up the other. Mummy playing constant adjudicator – the judge in a never ending battle of sibling supremacy. Don’t get me wrong. They love each other to bits and are best mates, but I think they have simply had enough of the home life and are ready to get back into their school routine.

I look back and think how much I dreaded my kids growing up and going to school and how empty the house (apartment) would be. I’ve certainly changed my tune now. I’m ready for them to go back. Tuesday morning after Mitchell’s school bus leaves there will be a party at my house. Well – not really. I think it will be a silent dance of joy followed by a deep breath, reveling in the quiet that always comes when they are both out of the house at the same time (and I’m not), then trying (or at least thinking about trying) to tackle some of the chores that were neglected over the summer break.

Monday is Teachers-Only Day. Tuesday a new school term begins.

Bring it on!


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