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Choc full of talent

Towards the end of the school holidays I held a chocolate making play day for Bethany and her friends. Little did I realise they were all budding artists. Chocolate isn’t the easiest substance to work with, especially with humidity (despite having air-conditioning).

The girls worked with both chocolate moulds and ‘piping’ chocolate. They learned to colour white chocolate, how to melt chocolate and a few of the different things we can shape with it.

Their artistic talent with the chocolate was amazing. Remember – these girls are 6! They drew people, flowers, ice creams, Wonka W’s, and had great fun creating chocolate masterpiece after masterpiece with melted chocolate in a drizzle bottle.

Even better though, they enjoyed eating their artwork after it had set. They ended up with milk, white and strawberry chocolates of all shapes and designs. Sugar high here they come!!

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