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I was lucky enough to have a friend who spent summer in the USA come back with a few Wilton character tins for me. One of them happened to be Tinkerbell and she asked me to make her for her daughter’s birthday along with some cupcakes.

This one was a bit of a challenge as she wanted a much softer sponge than that I usually make. I experimented to find a lighter and fluffier cake that would still hold the form of the Tinkerbell tin and eventually decided on a chiffon cake (with no less than 7(!!!) eggs in it). It was too soft to slice and fill with cream, but it was thankfully strong enough to withstand the weight of buttercream.

The outlines are done with a Wilton 3 tip, while the hair and skin are created with a Wilton 16 star tip. The edge of the cake is lined with fresh whipped cream swirls.

To supplement the cake, there was also a request for cupcakes. On a recent trip to Oz I had found some Tinkerbell cupcake toppers, which fitted the bill perfectly when combined with pink buttercream icing.

The pink cupcakes surrounding the green on the main cake made for a cool combination and the kids at the birthday girls party loved it.


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