Chinglish / Disneyland / Hong Kong

Get Flushed…

While in one of the bathrooms in Hong Kong Disneyland on the weekend I noticed this:

Yeah – so it’s a toilet you say. However take a closer look at that red button there. The one that normally says “Press for Help”…

Incase you can’t make it out, it says “Emergency Stop”.

This toilet must be some kind of rush to require an “Emergency Stop” button don’t you think? I couldn’t help wondering whether it was a new ride that Disney want to keep ‘under the lid’.

The reality is probably the misunderstanding between English and Chinese. I am pretty sure this is a “Press for Help” button that has been mis-labeled by some poor worker who couldn’t read english.

It makes you wonder though … is there a ride in Disneyland with a “Press for Help” button instead of an “Emergency Stop”? XD


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