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Yet another Hong Kong Disneyland post

You know the drill … skip now if you aren’t interested in more pictures of the kids in the house of the Mouse.

We were out at Disneyland with some of Bethany’s school friends ‘enjoying’ the humidity and crowds. Amongst it all, the girls decided to have a photo with the Disneyland brass band. In all the years we’ve been coming this is the first time Bethany has taken an interest in wanting to watch and talk to them. Mitchell loves the brass band – always bopping along to their songs.

Mitchell had his obligatory Mickey picture. No special Mickey at the moment as they are between events … gearing up for Halloween. Mitchell doesn’t care. This photo made me realise Mitchell is in desperate need of a haircut – my little hippy boy.

One of the more interesting things to happen in Disneyland was a gridlock in It’s a Small World. There were boats bumper to bumper backlogging the whole Pacific and Asian sections of the ride. We sat next to the Tahitian dolls for about 5 minutes before being moved on. Is this a good sign that Hong Kong Disneyland is on an upturn with revenue? I sure hope so. The wait to get on this ride has gone from barely 5 minutes to 45 minutes in the last six months on weekends.

Donald has good taste … despite Bethany being hot and sweaty and unkempt from too much fun.

I was hoping to show you a sneak peak of the Toy Story Land roller coaster which is now rising between Adventureland and Fantasyland, but alas the weather conditions (humidity and pollution) didn’t make for a good photo. Something for you to look forward to. There has been no word yet as to weather the new land will still open for Christmas, but we’ve got our fingers (all four of them!) crossed.


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