Hong Kong / Pollution / Sickness

Allergic to Hong Kong …

Late yesterday afternoon I started to get a red itchy rash on my body … it gradually got worse as evening progressed, to the point where by 11 pm I was covered from head to toe in a red swollen itchy rash and my throat was starting to feel somewhat constricted. Deciding it was outside the norms for my typical allergic reaction range and assuming it was something I had eaten, Titus took me off to the local hospital so we could get an expert opinion.

Turns out I am allergic to the air in Hong Kong. 15 minutes exposure at roadside with the current pollution levels and change in climate as the weather turns to Autumn was all it took. Anti-histamine finally kicked in and the swelling and rash have all but disappeared although my face is still oddly tingling.

Oh … Joy … what an Autumn/Winter I have to look forward to.


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