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By the power of the Moon … Bethany’s 7!

Another year has flown by. Bethany is 7! It is so hard to believe and realise that my baby is not a baby, or a toddler, but a girl well on her way to being a tween. Don’t think I should ponder on that too long or I’ll start to feel OLD! Hehe.

Bethany’s party this year was put together with 3 weeks prep time as she couldn’t decide what she wanted to do that didn’t cost the price of a nice family overseas holiday. Eventually she settled for something simple – a superhero/anime dress up party with magician and dancing. We are very fortunate to have a function room as part of our apartment complex so we hired it for 4 hours and I had a little freedom to ‘dress’ it for the event.

Finding a magician ended up to be the challenging task. As we hadn’t decided what we were doing till less than a month before the party, all the ‘good’ magicians we had experienced and contacted were already booked up. Thankfully one magician recommended another of his colleagues who was able to slot us in between gigs – the only problem was I had never seen this guy before and I wasn’t sure what he would be like. Believe me there are some horrible duds doing the rounds in HK.

The actual day came together smoothly with only one ‘hiccup’. The party tables were full of food, a combination of home baked, home made and Pizza Hut catering. Star sausage on a stick emulated the star wands of Sailor Moon, while the banana muffins were “mini moon” muffins adorned with mini flowers. Anime cards were strewn around the table with Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter watching over them.

The magician was called “Andy Comic”. He was great. I would rate him as one of the better performers we have seen. He engaged all the kids regardless of age; even the mums and dads were laughing and clapping along with him while he performed. Birthday girl Bethany had to help with a couple of his tricks. I was amazed at her eagerness and diplomacy when she was placed in front of her peers. She is noticeably building on her confidence and I’m so proud of her.

After fun and games it was time for CAKE! For more info on the cake you can click here.

Just prior to the party Sailor Moon toppled from the cake and was broken into several pieces. We placed her back on as best we could. Thankfully Bethany didn’t mind too much – she was having so much fun and she knew about the ‘secret’ inside the cake. She proudly blew out her candles and wanted to cut the cake on her own. She’s growing up far too quickly.

A slice of Bethany’s birthday cake brought smiles to everyone in the room.

Bethany had a fun time and I hope everyone who came did too. Time for a 5 month break … maybe. 😉



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