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Sailor Moon Cake …

Me: What kind of cake do you want for your birthday Bethany?

B: Sailor Moon.

Me: OK. What flavour.

B: Vanilla, but can you put rainbows on it too?

This was the result.

I tried to make a Chibi Sailor Moon as there was no way I had the skill to construct a lifelike looking doll (I’ve seen one on the internet and it was truly amazing but far beyond my beginner skills). Unfortunately I think my Chibi ended up being chubby, but Bethany loved her never-the-less. The Sailor Moon figure is made entirely of fondant and gumpaste as I don’t believe in placing non-edible items on my cakes. The only non edible piece on her is the thin plastic straw that holds her head onto her body.

I took a different direction with this cake. While the base of it is covered in buttercream, most of the embellishments are made out of fondant. The letters were all cut from pink fondant – I intentionally wanted them thick and chunky. Bethany’s letters were painted lightly with a small amount of pink edible glitter. The stars atop the cake were also fondant, the borders were a darker pink buttercream. The embellishments and Sailor Moon couldn’t be put onto the cake until the morning of the party as you can’t put fondant in the fridge. They were stuck to the buttercream canvas with a little of the leftover piped buttercream.

I couldn’t tell you how many hours went into making her. She took just on a week to create on and off as I had to make various pieces of her and wait for them to harden enough to stick on.

Back to the cake, you might be wondering where the rainbow Bethany requested is. I was originally going to do a rainbow buttercream covering … but then I thought something a little more interesting might be fun both for me to make and the kids to eat.

This is cake batter, not paint. I decided to make a vanilla cake with rainbow colours – sing along – Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue … . Bethany helped pour and splotch the batter into the cake pan and together we created this colourful creation.

Baked and filled with a layer of whipped cream, it looked like this. As you can tell Bethany was very happy with the cake and could have eaten it just like this. The colours meant the cake didn’t rise as much as normal – and that meant I needed to make 2 cakes, however the colouring didn’t affect the taste of the cake at all.

When we cut into the cake, the kids loved the colour that was revealed.

The kids loved the surprise of colour when we cut into the cake. I was worried the colour would put them off wanting to eat it, but it seemed to have the opposite effect with everyone wanting a piece of the cake … and eating it too!





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