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Headless … in Hong Kong Disneyland

Halloween is around the corner which means Hong Kong Disneyland is well into its spooky season. The park has a busy end of year coming up with the launch of Toy Story Land and Christmas in the coming months. This year the Headless Horseman is making an appearance as he searches the park for his lost head.

Perhaps it was one of these? Bethany had great fun with the skulls. I can’t help but wonder if she was channelling her ancestral roots – “I’ll cook your head!”

Mitchell meanwhile was making friends with old Yorick here. 😉

Over in Fantasyland there was a menagerie of pumpkins on display. Unfortunately this is as close as my kids get to any wonderful orange pumpkins for the Autumn (Fall) season as the real ones are imported from the US in small numbers and only available in selected supermarkets with a price tag to make you gag.

The kids loved the display, despite the fact they’ve never seen real candy corn before. I am so pleased they get to experience the joy of Halloween, even if it is a little diluted compared to the experience in the US. It is certainly more than they would get in Sydney.

After getting into the spirit at Hong Kong Disneyland they’re both looking forward to having fun with some trick or treating in a couple of weeks. Bring it on. XD


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