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The Snow Dragon

Mitchell’s school had a private session of the theatre production ‘The Snow Dragon’ and Bethany went too. She got to see all her old teachers who couldn’t believe how grown up she was. Seeing her every day I forget how much she has grown since they last saw her. When she went to the school Mitchell was barely walking! But … I digress …

The Snow Dragon theatre production is based on a book written by Toby Mitchell about a goat named Billy. Billy is arrogant and spoilt and believes he is ‘Number 1’, encouraged on by his parents. As New Years approaches he has to go out and find berries to leave for the Snow Dragon so it will leave him presents, but his selfish and cruel antics bring him face to face with two hungry wolves … I’m not going to spoil you, so you’ll either have to see the show or read the book to figure out the rest.

The story revolves around the themes of selfishness, nastiness, friendship, caring and giving. Really, it is a Christmas story told in a non-denomination way. It doesn’t focus on religion or santa, replacing those beliefs with fictional characters yet still focusing on the virtues that time of year holds.

The actors were quite good and all the children in the theatre were thoroughly engaged. Mitchell and Bethany laughed and giggled through the whole show. The moral behind the story was too abstract for a 4 year old audience, but Bethany came away with some valuable ideas and asked lots of questions afterwards, often answering her own questions by reflecting on Billy’s adventure and then telling me why what he did would be right or wrong if she did it. Mitchell just thought it was a funny show. That doesn’t bother me because I find value in allowing my kids to experience live performance and as he grows and learns these kinds of shows will allow him to understand more.

From an adult perspective, the show was … ok. The actors did a reasonable job with a minimum of props, so they had to work hard to draw the audience in to the story. The songs were alright but not memorable. In comparison ‘The Gruffalo’ was a much better performance from a theatrical perspective (also done with a minimum of props). Never-the-less it was an enjoyable morning out and the kids had a wonderful time.


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