Bethany / Hong Kong / Sailor Moon

Lunar Luck

It’s amazing what you see in an MTR station. (MTR = Hong Kong’s predominantly sub-terrain rail network)

Bethany spotted a poster for … Sailor Moon. Most of you would know Bethany’s love for all things Moon princess, but the fact is the show itself is over 20 years old, which means merchandising is virtually non-existent. So, it was certainly a shock to see her adorning several posters in a busy train station. MTR have created a commemorative set of train tickets in honour of Miss Moon. Timed so soon after Bethany’s birthday how could we NOT get her a set?

And here it is. Not only does Bethany have the three comemorative tickets, it also comes with a special folder to house them in and a unique Sailor Moon keychain.

I can guarantee Bethany is over the moon with her little collectors set. Can’t help but wonder if this means we’re in for  Sailor Moon revival here …


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