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We’re off on an adventure …

For the first time since the kids were born we are taking a Summer holiday. I know it is technically Autumn (Fall), however where we are going it is always warm and sunny and sandy and … you’ll get the picture soon enough. 😉

The kids and I have been trying to convince Titus of a Summer holiday for some time now, so you can imagine our surprise when he said “Yes!” for a change. We love our Winter holidays … don’t get me wrong, but once in a while a bit of sun without layers of clothes on can be a good thing and Hong Kong is ideally situated with lots of fascinating beach resort locations within a 3 hour flight time.

Bethany and Mitchell are always well prepared when they travel. Here they are taking a slight detour past one of the Halloween displays up at Hong Kong airport … and yes – Mitchell’s wheely bag IS Lightning McQueen (Thank you Hong Kong Disneyland).

For the first time ever I got to see Hong Kong airport from the tarmac. Most of you will be saying ‘eh – so what’, but I looove planes and airports and such, so this was a blast. One of the white planes with the red dragons on the tail (Dragon Air) was ours.

So can you guess where we’re going?

One clue … and only a select group of people who read this might twig onto it … We’re going to a location where you could read about ‘Mating rituals of the knob-tailed gecko’ … if the paper the alleged article appeared in actually existed (it doesn’t).


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