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Chinese Seafood in Kota Kinabalu

Living in Hong Kong, food is always important. After all, we have to eat to live. 😉

We’d been told something we should experience in Kota Kinabalu was the fresh live seafood from one of the more famous chinese restaurants there. The restaurant that had been recommended didn’t look any different from the places we frequent here in Hong Kong at places like Sai Kung and Lamma Island … until you take a closer look in the fish tanks that is.

Small sharks and fresh water eels …

An abundance of weird and exotic seafood was on display. Moray eels each cramped into their own little mesh boxes, a variety of shellfish large and small, sea snails, sea slugs, the choice was endless. It was also quite expensive compared to Hong Kong so we were expecting something amazing in the eating department.

The men-folk ordered an array of food – steamed fish, deep fried soft shell crab, green pea shoots, garlic and ginger cockles and … stewed shark ?! Yep – one of those cute little sharks in the picture at the top of the post was sliced and diced into the hotpot dish you see in the photo. We (the women-folk) thought the men had gone mad. In Australia shark is a nothing fish used for fish and chips and to be honest, I would have preferred these little ones stay alive. They were too small to do anyone any good by being eaten, but men will be men. Unfortunately, the shark dish was disappointing. It had very little flavour and the texture was too flaky to work well in the saucy mixture. On the other hand the soft shell crab was divine. It was delicate and soft, the batter was crunchy yet not greasy. You could taste the freshness of the crabs (which had been alive when the men chose them). Soft shell crab is one of those crustaceans that change their taste quite quickly after death and can end up being awful if not done correctly.

Overall the food at this restaurant was mediocre despite the array of fresh seafood. Sai Kung and Lamma Island both do better seafood for a cheaper price. Sorry KK, one thing you failed at. :/



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