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A little pampering … in paradise

I don’t often take time out for myself in complete and utter indulgence, however our trip to Kota Kinabalu gave me the unique opportunity while the kids were at play in the kids club and the husbands were out doing ‘guy things’ in the township to do just that.

I headed over to the spa in the resort – a group of native-style huts from the outside, paradise on the inside. I chose an asian blend massage – a mix of chinese and swedish massage over the whole body. From the moment I walked into the spa I was treated like a queen. Each hut provides a private location for the various therapies offered. They had larger huts for two people, but on my own I got a smaller hut all to myself. The inside of the hut was dressed in Malay stylings, with two private courtyards and a marble covered bathroom. I was treated to a cleansing tea and then a full body massage. I don’t think I have ever been so relaxed … ever! While the masseuse was working on my back, I thought she had two people in the room working she was that dexterous. She didn’t – she was just able to use her fingers, palms and elbows to work magic.  I asked for a gentle massage which was perfect for me as I don’t deal well with pain. She was always firm but gentle.

I didn’t want the massage to be over, but I was totally at peace and I didn’t feel guilty for indulging in myself for once in my life. I was in a magical setting on a tropical island in the South China Sea. It doesn’t get much better than that. It cost me $330 Malaysian Ringgit (AU$102, US$105) for just over an hour of total pampering. I would go back to the resort just for the Spa … well worth every penny!


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