Hainan Chicken … in Kota Kinabalu

Despite its name, Malaysia and Singapore are the home of Hainan Chicken (pronounced High-nan chicken). Whilst it may have originated on Hainan Island, it has evolved to become somewhat of a national food in Malaysia. We had been given a recommendation for a venue in Kota Kinabalu that did ‘the best’ Hainan chicken, and as always we went to check it out.

Like the laksa restaurant we tried, this ‘shop’ was very basic and specialised in doing a range of dishes with Hainan chicken and chicken rice.

The chicken was served with chicken rice and a chicken broth. All the components of the dish were enjoyable. The chicken was moist, well cooked but not tough and sliced into manageable pieces. There were bones (traditionally it is served boneless) but the meat came away from the bone easily enough. The chicken rice served in a pyramid shape, was slightly wet but full of flavour and the broth tasty. It wasn’t ‘the best’ Hainan Chicken I have ever had, but it was an enjoyable meal and worth the effort to try.

It ended our holiday on a delicious note.

After knowing nothing about Sabah or Kota Kinabalu before coming, we want to go back and experience more – even Titus agreed this beach holiday was one well worth taking.

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