Lisamaree / Sickness / Thyroid

Getting Answers …

I don’t remember the last time I talked about my health, but some of you may know I have had problems with my thyroid in the past. When I was pregnant with Mitchell I developed gestational thyroid problems. I hadn’t even known what a thyroid was before that, but fortunately I had an amazing endocrinologist in Australia who treated me. I went into remission soon after Mitchell was born, only to have a relapse 18 months later – shortly after we moved to Hong Kong. I was on medication for two years to control my thyroid function as it went up and down. In all that time the Endocrinologist I saw would not commit to anything more than medication. My thyroid stabilised, and I was taken off medication over the summer holidays this year, only to find that within an 8 week period my thyroid had gone out of whack again and I was placed on a stronger dose of medication to try and bring it back into the normal range.

Last week I saw a new endocrinologist who looked at my results and my history and finally gave me a startling revelation.

“You have Graves Disease.”

He explained what it was along with the symptoms and indicators and is sending me for scans of the thyroid to see if there are any abnormalities there to explain why I keep relapsing. I will also be having 4 week blood tests instead of every 6 to 8 weeks .. oh joy (massive sarcasm). The whole while I sat stunned, listening and comprehending that perhaps I’m not going mad after all because believe me some of the symptoms I deal with psychologically do make you wonder. I also felt angry. Why had my previous endo not told me any of this before. She hadn’t even hinted at it. Why had she purely looked at results, bumped my medication up or down and sent me on my merry way when I could have had such a clearer picture so much sooner.

I now have a direction. It isn’t a particularly happy direction as I will either have to have surgery or radioactive iodine to remove/kill my thyroid. Both have serious cons associated with them. A decision either way can’t happen until the thyroid is stabilised and that may take months. Regardless of the outcome I will be on medication for the rest of my life.

I have a name to explain my shakes, exhaustion, memory loss, un-cohesiveness, mood-swings, accelerated heart rate, lack of concentration, heat intolerance, depression, etc. As awful as it is to know I have a disease that can’t be cured at least I have the knowledge to move forward and research and understand the what, how and why.

Who would think such a small gland in the throat could cause such a nuisance. Ay-yah!


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