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A Shoe Cake

One of my dear friends turned 40 this week. Unbeknownst to her, her closest friends elicited my phone number and secretly planned a surprise birthday cake. The specs were white with purple – maybe shoes or a handbag or clutch – maybe something like Prada.

I umm’ed and arr’ed over what to do. The sky is the limit for these kinds of things. I chose to attempt something I had never tried before – a 3D high-heeled shoe. Am I crazy? Possibly … but I love a challenge. I know you can get fondant cutters to make shoes, however I decided to see if there was a way to make one without, and there was. I found a template for fondant shoes at Cake Central. While I was constructing my first shoe I changed the design slightly for the back of the shoe and the ankle strap. It showed me you can take a design and tweak it slightly without compromising what you’re doing. Fondant and gumpaste are an amazing base to work with because you really are only limited by your imagination, or in my cake lack of artistic talent.

These are the gumpaste shoes and a clutch based loosely on a Prada design I found online. They are 100% edible. You know me – I don’t believe in putting toys on top of cakes. The shoes and clutch are both made of 100% gumpaste. I coloured the gumpaste purple using Wilton’s Violet icing colour.

Here is the finished cake. The cake itself is a vanilla sponge cake with purple buttercream filling and coating, covered in vanilla white fondant with purple coloured gumpaste embellishments and royal icing writing.


One thought on “A Shoe Cake

  1. o my…i’m sorry but these are the ugliest shoes i have ever seen…they look all need more practice..alot of practice…

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