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Home, Home on the Driving Range…

Titus has developed a passion for golf. He isn’t terribly good at it, but he is enjoying the challenge of learning to play. Bethany and Mitchell also love golf, so what better to do during a busy weekend schedule than drive out to New Territories for a hit on one of the driving ranges.

Mitchell loved the putting green. While in this photo he is hitting the ball in from very close, he actually was able to get the ball in the cup from distance as well – much to our surprise.

Bethany loved trying to hit her balls as far out into the range as possible. Of course, as soon as she realised I was taking photos, she had to take a time out to give me one of her ‘top model’ poses before getting back into it. When Titus wasn’t practising moving his hips to get more momentum on his swing Bethany and Mitchell were practising driving the ball side by side. Mitchell gets so excited by sport and golf is no exception. He would swing and miss and get angry at himself before lining up and trying again with patience until he got it right. When he managed a good hit he would jump and yell ‘Yay!’

I love that my kids have such passion!


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