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The Great Divide

GAP, the large US clothing retailer opened its doors in Hong Kong just over a week ago. I’ve always been a fan of GAP as in the US they offer a nice range of kids styles each season that are durable and functional and have enough room for the kids to grow. Their adult lines are generally pretty good too, so I was pretty excited to hear they were opening their doors here and even more excited to finally get into their three storied store to have a look around.

Alas, my excitement was extinguished fairly quickly when I noticed the lack of variety and the number of asian-style graphic tops that you can generally get at every other store in town dominating the shelves. There were no opening sale specials and even worse no GAP loyalty program. The sales clerk couldn’t tell me if there were any plans to introduce it in Hong Kong.


Regardless, I was there with a purpose as Bethany needed some long sleeved tops with the arrival (finally) of cooler weather. She chose out a shirt in what should be her size, and I was stunned as I placed it against her to see how small it was. Too small in fact. I ended up having to buy her a size 9! Three shirts … I had to buy a size 9 in all of them! Now you all know Bethany and she is not overly tall or large for a 7 year old in Hong Kong, so I was left scratching my head. I’ve never had to buy clothes from GAP stores with such a huge size difference to her age. When I quizzed the chirpy cashier once more her proud reply was “Oh yes – the clothes for this store are designed by a Japanese designer.”
I don’t quite know what to make of that. Does it mean the clothes in the US are designed and made differently than the stock made for China and Hong Kong? If so I am bitterly disappointed. The whole idea of having a GAP store here in my mind is to allow those of us in Asia to access the amazing range, cut and size of the US GAP clothing lines …

I’m dreading going back to look at the adult section … Perhaps that’ll end up being another post. 😉


2 thoughts on “The Great Divide

  1. From what I know, the foreign Gaps have some different stuff than the U.S. ones, but the staples are generally the same, so that surprises me. Remember we both bought our boys the same basketball shorts and neon dino shirts in summer 2010, when you went to the one in Malaysia? That is just super weird. I hope they get in some of the stuff we have here because the winter collections are insanely cute!

  2. Yeah – I was expecting GAP here to be like the one in Singapore and Malaysia where most of the US products were available, but it seems like the Chinese stores have hardly any of the US stuff with everything custom for this region. *sigh*
    Even the GAP hoodies are slightly different with the GAP logo all in sequins (for girls). But buying a size 9 for a 7 year old is completely crazy!
    Ah well … guess I’ll have to wait to visit the real deal on its home turf sometime soon. 😉

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