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But wait … there’s MORE!

Christmas cupcakes that is. This time the cupcakes are for Bethany’s class party. Following the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) logic I went for a nice basic design of a vanilla cupcake iceed with a buttercream rose swirl (work your way out from the inside) and a fondant snowflake on top.

Bethany chose the flavour, the green colour for the icing, and helped put the snowflakes (made of white fondant) on the cupcakes. Unfortunately the snowflakes were so delicate we broke a few but at the end of the day I don’t think a group of seven year olds will care as long as they get their snowflake. 😉

After we had finished making a couple of trays of cupcakes, Bethany used the left over icing and fondant to ice some mini cupcakes of her own.

The cupcakes didn’t last long though as she popped them into her mouth as soon as this photo was done. She was happy with her samples for sure!


2 thoughts on “But wait … there’s MORE!

  1. Hi! I am based here in hk 🙂 i came across your blog while making a research where to have baking class in hk. Just wondering where did you study baking? Your cakes and decoration is great! I really want to learn baking and how to decorate. I have also read your blog about complete deelite. So now i am not sure if i want to enroll their courses. since i am just a beginner so i want more hands on. Hope to hear from you 🙂

    • I have only every done the Complete Deelite courses … and only the first 3 as they are the only english speaking Wilton courses available in Hong Kong at the moment. If there was a choice I would not have gone back to them. I avoid them as much as possible now since they removed their Wilton course discounts and their prices heinously expensive. Everything else I have ‘learned’ I have taught myself. If you speak Cantonese, make sure to see what courses TWINS and ‘I LOVE Cake’ run as they do Chinese language courses which may be of interest to you. Good luck!

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