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Toy Story Land

Hong Kong Disneyland has FINALLY started expanding the park with a small extension called Toy Story Land.

It only has 3 rides – RC Racer, Slinky Dog and the Parachute ride but they are a welcome addition to the park. We ventured into the new land a week after it opened. The queues were about an hour for each ride, but the kids didn’t mind the wait. They were too small to go on RC Racer which is a ‘high thrill adventure ride’ – ie a Roller Coaster.

RC rolls backwards and forwards on a U shaped track. It doesn’t look like much, but it does have a bit of a G-force thrill to it. The problem with the ride – you only get about 4 ‘slides’ on it – something like a whole 45 seconds worth. Given the wait is an hour it is a bit too quick for someone like me, but no one seemed to be complaining about the ride.

Slinky Dog spins around and around. He is one of those rides that slides you out to the edge of the chair, so little kids need to sit on the inside. He isn’t much different from your normal carnival ride except he’s SLINKY DOG so much cooler. The kids loved it, so I guess Disneyland chose a winner there.

The parachute ride is based on the plastic toy soldiers from Toy Story. The great thing about this ride isn’t just that it gives you a great view from the top, but while you are waiting the ‘props’ are pretty cool too. There are life sized plastic toy soldiers everywhere in the typical poses of the real toys. The kids loved it. You dangle by your feet as the parachute is lifted up into the air. The parachute then drops a bit, the rises up again, drops, rises … but in a kid friendly way … no Tower of Terror here.

Mitchell loved being up high. This ride seemed to last the longest and depending on where you sit you get a different view. We got to have a sneak peak at the new part of Hong Kong Disneyland due to open late in 2012 …

My only complaint about Toy Story Land is how small the area is. Toy Story has so much content – they could do so much more. There is one food stall and an area you can meet Woody and Jesse. If they wanted to they could add a Pizza Planet restaurant. How COOL would that be? Or a human sized Ken Dream House … so much potential…

Now that Disneyland Hong Kong has started expanding, I hope this draws the crowds (which it seems to be doing so far) and momentum for the powers that be to keep the expansions rolling beyond what is already planned as this is the only way the park will stay competitive not only with Hong Kong rival Ocean Park, but also with the Disneyland opening in Mainland China in the coming years …

Hong Kong people are a sucker for Disney characters both classic and modern – there is SO MUCH they could do!


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