Looking Back, Moving Forward …

Another year has passed us by, and as I reflect back on the year, it was filled with highs and lows as is the way of the roller coaster of life.

I learnt all too well the transitionary nature of life in Hong Kong as an expat with several friends and acquaintances moving on either back to their homes or to new locations. Some allowed us to bid them farewell and have kept in contact while others, sadly, disappeared in the night never to be heard from again. It was painful for me to see some of my close friends depart, knowing they have played such an important part of my life in this crazy city but I appreciate their friendship and know that for some at least distance won’t dampen our ties.

As the year comes to a close despite those who have moved on I have come to realise how fortunate I am to have a diverse group of friends and acquaintances here. They don’t replace my friends back home and abroad – they just add to the diversity of our lives.

During the year I have discovered the joys of philanthropy. I have volunteered in a variety of different charitable ventures both with my time, resources and money. It has been wonderful having the opportunity to help those less fortunate or in a different situation from the norm. I hope this is something I can continue with for the foreseeable future and, in fact, do more as time allows.

Our family has had the chance to explore places we didn’t even know we would venture to … South Korea and Borneo! Who’d’ve thought! One can only wonder at what opportunities might open themselves to us in 2012.

Overall the year has been one I certainly can’t complain about. There are those in much worse situations and less fortunate than our family. I hope next year is a good one for EVERYONE!

2012 – bring it on!
My last in the dirty thirties … wonder what it will bring …

Happy New Year everyone.


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