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What’s in a bun…

I know we are almost at the end of  January, but I thought I would take you back a month for a couple of posts so you can see what we got up to over Christmas.

First up was my birthday. I’m old. Not OFFICIALLY old … I have to wait until the end of 2012 for that, but I am old. I’m now living my last year of the dirty thirties and to see that in Titus and the kids took me out for a birthday lunch where I was given my ‘cake’ …

Chinese birthday buns to be more correct. This is a bun, not dissimilar to those which are used in bbq pork buns (char siew bau). However these buns are larger, shaped like a peach and filled with a lotus paste, and sometimes a baked egg yoke as well. They are generally only made to order and YUMMY!

On the actual day of my birthday the kids thought it would be a nice day to have a picnic and bike ride. I totally agreed with them so we headed out to Inspiration Lake – an area of Disneyland set aside for free public access – and took a ride around the lake.

Mitchell and I hired a four-wheeler. He had a blast ‘steering’ it with me as we followed behind Bethany. We spent an hour exploring the whole bike track and taking in the scenery. Being away from a lot of the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong it was relatively quiet and peaceful … the only lingering evidence we were in Hong Kong was the ever present pollution mist that hovers unending in the air above us.

We stopped in different spots to explore the vegetation and run on the grass. No ‘keep off the grass’ signs here.



We ended the afternoon sitting on the grass enjoying our lunch together. Our first picnic in Hong Kong was a great way to unwind and relax and just have fun with my kids. It was perfect!

To end my day, Titus and the kids took me out to dinner with one of my favorite cuisines – Teppen-yaki!

 The kids took a front row seat and were completely mesmerised by the chef as he worked his magic. They tried almost everything he created and spent the whole evening smiling as dish after dish was prepared before their eyes.

A prefect day with my family – I am one very lucky mum indeed.


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