Bethany / Christmas / Mitchell

Santa Santa … Ho Ho Ho

Christmas Day is probably one of the happiest (and for me saddest) days in our household. The kids sparkle with joy when they discover the presents in the morning. We are holding onto the mystique of Santa by a thread with Bethany so we went all out this year to make it a unique and special morning for the kids.

Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk. The reindeer ate a lot of their carrot and made a mess. Santa used sparkly wrapping paper that the kids had never seen in the shops and the magic weaved its spell over both the kids.

Once again the kids were spoilt with a bounty of gifts surrounding our tree. This year Mitchell was truly into the spirit of ripping wildly into his presents, although he has a ways to go to catch up to the speed of Bethany.

Bethany appears to have outgrown much of what I would expect a normal 7 year old to be into with her sole surviving interest being that of Littlest Pet Shop. She was suitably delighted when she discovered Santa had brought her a LPS treehouse to play with all her pets. Mitchell meanwhile was also happy to discovered Santa had read his letter and given him a giant airplane.

There is nothing as joyful as seeing the sparkle of happiness Christmas morning brings to our kids.


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