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Terminating Friday the 13th …

Halloween is months off, but January this year gave the opportunity for a friend of ours to throw a Friday the 13th birthday party.

Her brief was “dress scary”.  After a lot of deliberation and mulling around Pottinger Street (the area in Central that specialises in costumes), Titus decided to make use of the Terminator leather jacket I got him many years back. To complete his ensemble we stopped off at the Wan Chai toy markets where he was able to get a replica gun (scarily with bb pellets included).

He got into character walking down one of the main streets of Wan Chai. I was freaked out both by how creepy he looked AND the fact I didn’t want him arrested. He certainly drew a lot of attention.

I went for the basic monster mask approach …

The birthday girl loved our costumes. She couldn’t stop roaring with laughter at Titus as he kept pulling out his gun and asking her guests if they were Sarah Connor.

Was a great night and great fun but I can assure you my kids will never be getting a hold of that gun!


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