Bethany / Chinese New Year / Disneyland / Hong Kong / Mitchell / Recreation

Dragons, Dragons … everywhere!

The Chinese Lunar calendar has just flicked over to the Year of the Dragon. For Hong Kong Disneyland it means the pocket sized (for your convenience) chinese dragon himself – Mushu – can come out to play for the year. During Chinese New Year festivities he was popping up in all kinds of places along with his chinese dragon friends.

In the middle of Disneyland was a lantern adorned with giant golden dragons.

The centre spun around showing a montage of the classic Disney characters. Look closely and you might just find Mushu in this picture too!

Around the rest of the park were various coloured dragons.

These are just a couple of the dragons we encountered. Lady and the Tramp – one of my all time favorite movies, and Aladdin’s Genie.

Bethany decided to rub his lamp and make a wish!

And BAM! There was Mushu. The kids couldn’t leave the park without wishing him a happy year of himself. 😉


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