Bethany / Chinese New Year / Hong Kong / Mitchell

All dressed up for Chinese New Year …

This is the first year I have been able to get Mitchell to want to wear a Chinese New Year outfit. Normally he outright refuses so I was relieved and happy he finally wanted to join in the festivities with all his friends. He and Bethany came out with us to choose their own outfits. Bethany went for an unconventional pink with fur ensemble, while Mitchell went for a nice red jacket.

When we got home they couldn’t wait to put them on and give us a fashion show. Mitchell eagerly got dressed up and strutted around singing a chinese new year song much to our delight. You can see a short video of the kids singing here. As a side note, all the decorations on the door behind them were created by Bethany. We’re very proud of her for writing in Chinese.

Mitchell happily got dressed up to head off to school in his Chinese New Year outfit. He was so happy when we went downstairs to wait for his school bus and he discovered his classmates were all dressed up too.

Don’t they look adorable in their red and gold?
Mitchell had a wonderful day and participated in all his Chinese New Year activities. My little boy is growing up and inch by inch he is becoming more open to trying new things and wearing different clothes. Hopefully he’ll have a great year of the Dragon!


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