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Chinese New Year Flower Fair

Every year the Chinese New Year flower fair descends on Victoria Park, next to Causeway Bay. It becomes a turbulent crush of people as everyone heads down to see all the novelty stalls and  choose their flowers, blossoms, mandarin and cumquat trees before New Years Day. After a crushing experience way back in 2009, we have tended to avoid the markets, but Bethany really wanted to go this year so we decided to brave the cold and the crowds once again and see what craziness was on offer.

The busiest part of the fair are the novelty stalls. They sell all kinds of crazy products – mostly junky stuff that probably won’t last more than a week – as well as Chinese New Year trinkets and ornaments, snack foods and the like.

The photos above show a couple of the novelty stalls. One is selling giant inflatable chicken on a bone stick, while the other is selling poopie plushies. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the Asian fascination with poop.

The crowds are huge so the stalls are guarenteed good business, but it doesn’t stop the vendors trying to out-shout each other and put on spectacles of showmanship to get the crowds attention. Bethany was having a hard time of it all as a literal sea of people ebbed and flowed down the wide alleys of stalls until we finally reached the flower section of the fair.

It was certainly quieter in that we had room to breath but as is they way of Hong Kong certainly plenty of people around. Vibrant colours were everywhere with a diverse range of flowers waiting for people to take them home and brighten up their homes to welcome the new year.

Orchids were very popular as well as Mandarin and Cumquat trees shaped and cultivated in a variety of sizes and designs.

I couldn’t get over the colours in the flowers – pinks, oranges, yellows and even green. I couldn’t figure out if it was natural or not. Each colour seemed so vivid I am still not sure how they got the flowers to be the colours they were.

There were a lot of vendors selling orchard blossom trees. The idea being the blossoms will bloom in the New Year and bring good luck. It was a little like choosing your own Christmas tree as people took their time choosing their own blossom tree from the wide selection on offer. There were plenty of empty blue buckets where many trees had already been sold and taken away.

Bethany came away from the fair tired and a little grumpy from the crowds. However she did manage to get herself a little memento … just a small trinket of a thing …

Well … ok … maybe a big red lucky dragon. She was pretty happy about that.

The flower fair only stays up until Chinese New Year. By Chinese New Year day the stalls are already being taken down. The day after Chinese New Year day you couldn’t even tell there had been a fair there at all!


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