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Flowers and Butterflies …

I got a request for a very special 5th birthday cake from one of my friends. Pink with butterflies and light blue flowers were the requirements.

I umm’ed and arr’ed over how to make the butterflies. Fondant and gumpaste would have been the easiest, but I wanted to use whipped cream in the cake as it is one of the birthday girls favorites, and fondant would mean the cake couldn’t be refrigerated or I would have to leave the butterflies off and get the mum to put them on later. So I opted down the route of chocolate. With the timing  for the cake around chinese new year my local supplier was closed for the holidays and I had to use white lindt chocolate instead of pink strawberry chocolate for the colour on the butterflies wings. The white chocolate  was tinted pink by using edible colour powder.

To get the shape of the butterflies I found some template butterfly patterns on the internet and printed them off. I traced around the shapes using melted baking chocolate onto baking paper and then added the black ‘veins’ using the same chocolate to make a butterfly wing pattern. While still wet, but starting to set I then placed the butterfly on the baking paper in a flower shaper to make the wings fold up. I left them to set for a while longer before filling the wings with the pink coloured white chocolate. When the chocolate was completely hardened I added some edible pink glitter to the wings using a small amount of vanilla essence mixed with the glitter and left them to dry. Effectively this created butterflies with their wings up as if in flight or resting on a flower.

Aside from the butterflies the rest of the cake was decorated using buttercream. A blob of buttercream on the base of each butterfly allowed them to be stuck to the icing and for the whole cake to be refrigerated so the cream didn’t go off.

Underneath the icing was a basic vanilla cake coloured in pink and purple splotches.

The birthday girls response when she saw the cake? “WOW!”

She was very happy and along with her friends loved the hidden colour inside the cake. I love making kids cakes. They’re so much fun and challenge my imagination to come up with ways to create things that are completely edible.

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