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Katong Laksa … in Hong Kong

Finding a good Laksa in Hong Kong is like finding a legoman head in a large box of lego … virtually impossible.

There are several restaurants here who tout themselves as having authentic tasting laksa. Katong Laksa in Mercer Street, Sheung Wan takes its name directly from that of one of the best laksa shops in Singapore. You would expect it to therefore to be pretty close to its namesake.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Now, don’t get me wrong. The laksa at Katong Laksa in Sheung Wan is tasty, and the broth is nice however it doesn’t present like a Katong laksa, isn’t as chili and doesn’t taste like the ‘original’. On the plus side, service is very quick and one bowl is a very filling meal indeed, especially considering the price is reasonable. Just over HK$50 for a laksa  is not to be sniffed at.

They offer a range of laksa with meats including chicken, fish cake, fish ball, prawns, and clams. They also offer a small selection of other dishes, such as prawn mee and Hainan chicken. The Hainan chicken is very average, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The restaurant is small and very basic, but this is not the kind of restaurant you come for the decor. While the taste isn’t authentic, it does offer a taste of laksa and is ideal for a quick lunch.

If it isn’t too busy, Malayamama – literally across the road from Katong Laksa on Mercer Street also specialises laksa. The Malayamama laksa comes with eggplant, however the taste is a little more  creamy than Katong laksa. By a whisker Malayamama would be my preferred place for a laksa.

Both restaurants get very busy during lunch periods and don’t take bookings, so if one is full, see if you can get into the other. And if anyone can offer suggestions of truly authentic tasting Singaporean laksa in Hong Kong, please let me know.


One thought on “Katong Laksa … in Hong Kong

  1. I too am searching for good Laksa after 6 years in singapore a fix is required! I believe the one in wan chai called Katong Laksa is also ok.. But making it at home also rates! I live your blog and using the bsking referrals especislly as the web sites are in cantonese! I am a recent convert to baking! Only arrived in January do thank you for the references! .. My kids are fortunately at the Aussie school and would be nice to meet you … And would be happy to swap recipes if keen. Looks like your web site view is from midlevels? I am in old peak road. Please feel free to drop me a note. Mel

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