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Breakfast – Wagyu Lounge

A lazy Sunday morning and we decided we would like to go out for a family breakfast. There are lots of options in Soho, but we chose to try Wagyu Lounge just off Hollywood Road (LG/F, Hollywood Commercial House, 3-5 Old Bailey St., Central, Phone 2522 1438). Whilst this restaurant probably spends most of its open time as more of a watering hole than a food venue it does have a quite good breakfast menu.

Starting from HK$25 they offer a range of different breakfast options. We ordered 2 big breakfasts (HK$85 each), one for the kids to share and a 3 stack of pancakes (banana)(HK$60).

The big breakfast contained two sausages, 3 strips of bacon, a serving of eggs (we had one serve with scrambled and another with sunny-side up), mushrooms, potato bites, grilled cherry tomatoes and bread. It normally comes with baked beans as well but we asked for the beans to be excluded.

This was a great serve to split between our two kids. They got a little bit of everything and really enjoyed it. All the components were cooked well, the bacon and sausages weren’t overcooked and the eggs were cooked to the right consistency.

As an adult serve, the big breakfast was filling and enjoyable.

My banana pancakes were also nice. The pancakes were of a good size, soft and not too doughy to eat. They had banana mixed into them, as well as sliced banana on top surrounded by fresh berries. They were enjoyable to eat, however the single scoop of ice cream wasn’t enough to absorb through the 3 pancakes and towards the end the pancakes felt a bit dry because they hadn’t absorbed the maple syrup or ice cream. Of course, this could also be a personal preference as I like my pancakes drowning in syrup and melted ice cream.

Whilst not generally a child-friendly venue, if you can secure one of the low tables it is great on the weekend with kids, especially in the morning as it is reasonably quiet. The tall tables are not really suitable for kids under 5. Wagyu Lounge offer milkshakes in small glasses to make things easier for the kids as well as a variety of coffees, hot chocolate and the normal bar beverages. The wait staff while we were there were happy to serve the kids, one waitress even doting over my kids to make sure they had everything they needed.

The breakfast meals are reasonably priced and well cooked, however drinks are expensive (milkshakes were HK$60!!) and will make the bill tally quickly as they are not included in the breakfast price like some places in Soho.

Mitchell gave us the bready grin of approval.


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