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Dancing in the restaurant …

Lion Dancing that is!

In Sydney during Chinese New Year it is not uncommon to see the chinese lions dance through various restaurants allowing patrons to offer lai see in the hope of prosperity, luck and blessings for the lunar year ahead. We had never seen the dances in restaurants here in Hong Kong … until now that is.

Bethany had the day off school and we just happened to be in IFC for lunch with daddy. We had been seated in the restaurant for all of a minute when the drums of a lion dance resonated outside. We didn’t think much of it, assuming it was for a performance in a common area until the drums got louder and louder and Bethany asked to go and poke her head out the front entrance of the restaurant. She came back very excited “It’s a lion dance mum and the lion is coming in here!”

Just as she finished her sentence the lion appeared next to us dancing past the patrons. I quickly whipped out some lai see (great luck that I had some on me!) and handed them to Bethany to feed to the lion.

The lion was generous enough to stop and pose quickly for a photo with a very happy and excited Bethany before continuing his dance around the restaurant as the drum sat in the entrance setting a rhythm for him.

Both Titus and I were impressed with how pretty this lion was. Most of the Chinese lions we’ve experienced in Sydney restaurants have been dominated by black or green colours. This one was by far the nicest we had seen.

The lion danced into the kitchen to bless the restaurant for a prosperous new year before winding its way back towards the front entrance where a lettuce was hanging. After rising up and balancing on its back legs it ripped the lettuce from the roof, shredded it within its mouth and spat the shredded lettuce over the restaurant owner and entrance floor to the cheers of the restaurant patrons before moving on to the next shop in the mall.

Our timing was perfect to be a part of this freak coincidence. It really topped off Bethany’s lunch date with daddy.


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