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Apologies for my absence …

Isn’t it funny how everything seems to be moving along contently in life and then out of left field we get hit with a whammy that leaves us reeling. Our family was cruising along with a ‘life is good’ attitude when I suddenly got a call from New Zealand. You wouldn’t think too much about that given I have friends and family there, however this was one of those calls every child heeds with concern, regardless of how old we are. One of my parents was very sick.

The result of that call led to some very fast organising of airline tickets and within 48 hours I was on a plane to New Zealand to be with my family, spending most of my time at the hospital. Thus our happy content life has been hurled upside down and through several spin cycles since and hence this blog, along with several other facets of my life have been neglected.

I will try my best over the coming week or two to catch things up … easier said than done I suppose given there are still factors churning turmoil in that land of the long white cloud. I could be summoned back to New Zealand again with no notice but I am trying to ‘think happy thoughts’ and remain optimistic. I was not prepared to deal with the situations I dealt with while there this most recent trip, and it was one of the most stressful times in my life (although I dread the fact it could have been much worse). Thankfully, I still have both my parents. I may blog more on that situation if and when I can reconcile it with myself … maybe…

Thanks for sticking with me through my silence.



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