Baking / buttercream / Cake Decorating

Yo Ho Ho … a Pirate Cake there be!

Way back in February I got asked at the last minute if I could come up with a pirate themed cake for a friends son. No skulls and crossbones – just something simple and fun.

This was what I came up with:

I sketched a map idea before beginning the icing of the cake so I had a guide to follow.

The cake is a rectangle vanilla sponge, filled with jam and buttercream. I spread the sand onto the cake first, then added the outline. Next I mixed a small amount of blue colouring with some piping gel to make the ocean. I created the north point, boulders, and cave. Then the red X to mark the spot. Once I had piped on the trees I was able to create the path to the treasure.

Lastly, mostly because I was worried about the colour leaking into the icing, I added the writing for the birthday boy.

Thomas was VERY happy with his pirate cake and that’s the most important thing. 🙂


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