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Lake Tahoe – Squaw Valley Ski Resort

We drove from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, staying in Truckee. Our first morning in Tahoe we decided to head to Squaw Valley. For one of the worst snow seasons in history, we were still amazed by how beautiful the mountains were and how much snow was on the ground. The amount of snow would have been considered a good season by Australian standards.

We enrolled the kids in ski school and Bethany did one bunny run in the school before taking off up the mountain with her instructor to have fun. Titus then took me to get my birthday/Christmas/wedding anniversary/etc present – a new shiny pair of my very own ski boots. It was exciting to know I wouldn’t have to suffer through rental boots any longer.

For those looking to buy I can highly recommend Elite Feet in Squaw Valley. Christian was AMAZING and had picked why I have so many problems with rental boots before I even took my shoes off! He was very patient and accommodating. We spent a couple of hours getting the right boots, linings, and all the fitting that goes with boots. The boots weren’t cheap, but then – these are an investment I plan to get a lot of use out of. Titus has been using his own boots for several years and still loves them, although he was very tempted to upgrade …

A grin from ear to ear we headed to the slopes to try out my new purchase, only to be stopped literally a few metres from the ski lift we were about to ride up by a phone call from the ski school. Mitchell had decided he didn’t want to ski at all. Off we went to get him and Titus decided to try and take him up the public bunny slopes and see if he could get him re-enthused.

Titus spent the afternoon working with Mitchell, but you might be able to tell from this picture he just wasn’t interested, leaning back and relying on Titus completely for support. He wanted to ski, but he didn’t want to ski himself, which left Titus exhausted and both of us a little disappointed. These are the challenges of kids. Sometimes they want to do things, and sometimes … they don’t.

Meanwhile I stayed on the bunny slopes and worked my new boots in. It was fantastic to have ‘control’ for the first time with boots that weren’t 3 or 4 sizes too big. I had one niggling problem with one of the boots, and we were able to go back to the boot fitters in the evening, explain the pain and come back to get the boots the next morning. Amazing service – they just smiled, and knew exactly what to do about it!


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