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Crystal Clear

Do you live in the USA? Do you know the beauty of your own country?

I don’t live in the USA but I do know how beautiful your country is.

I have always loved the US, but aside from sailing from Seattle through the Puget Sounds to Victoria in Canada in my younger years I had never ventured away from the big cities. After getting the chance to drive inland and discover the mountains I realise how much MORE there is … hidden natural beauty to rival and surpass the cities.

I only have a point and click camera … but look:

Lake Tahoe, USA

We spent our last day in the mountains driving around Lake Tahoe for a bit of snow play. The lake looked stunning surrounded by its snow capped mountain backdrop and a thin layer of icy mist hovering just above the waters surface in places. I didn’t want to leave.

As we got closer to the waters edge we were able to see how beautiful the lake truly was.

To find a location in the USA with clarity of water like this absolutely blew me away. The waters translucency and aqua hues were almost hypnotic. I could have sat staring into the water all day.

Scarily, I am told that the water was even clearer and richer in colour 10 years ago. Given the clarity of the water on the day we saw the Lake, I find it hard to believe but I can only imagine how beautiful it would have been back then.

Experiencing places like this and discovering the hidden majesty of the planet is what traveling is all about. It makes me hunger to explore more off the well-beaten tourist track places and it is the reason I love to have my children travel with me so they can see and experience the world with their own eyes and have a true global perspective on nature (and culture).


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