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Sledding and Sliding

Unlike our experiences in Australia and New Zealand, where you tend to go sledding at the ski resort, we were taken to a dedicated sledding venue for our final day in the Tahoe snow.

There were a variety of tracks to sled down from gentle hills to steep and fast runs, as well as some undulating runs that bounced things up a bit. Despite much of the snow having melted away in the area the runs were in a reasonable condition. I won’t say great or amazing as I am sure in a good season they are absolutely awesome.

The slopes were for the most part manmade and I was impressed with the thought that had been put into each track. The kids raced off up the hill to take turns sliding down initially on the slow track, then off to the faster track for a lot more speed. For the most part it was a civilised affair with laughter and smiles all around.

Mitchell and his friends had a blast sledding down the slowest track.

As the afternoon moved on it became time to say farewell to the sledding, but before that could happen the kids had one last thing to do …

Snowman building and a final snowball fight. The snowman above was already mostly built however the kids tried to make it a face and give it arms. Sometimes the simplest things are the most fun.

As we drove back to San Fran to catch the plane for Hong Kong the kids chirped excitedly about all they had done. The final day of snow play consolidated in their minds a trip of wonderful memories and a holiday none of us really wanted to end.

Lake Tahoe for snow? Yep … a holiday well worth it and a place we certainly want to return to and explore more of.


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