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Barbie Cake

Barbie …. ugh … Barbie. I suppose I should have known the day would come. Thankfully my daughter outgrew Barbie a year ago and truth be told was never much into her anyway. However, quite a few of our friends have daughters who still love the phenomenon, so a Barbie cake was requested and I accepted the challenge.

I find caricatures of people (and Barbie is a person kinda) the hardest things to do with buttercream, and this cake was no exception. From previous experience I knew that a lot of detail with a doll is hard to convey, so I went for a head profile.

Barbie was traced onto the cake using waxed baking paper and piping gel. Once the gel was placed onto the cake, I traced the lines with black buttercream. I then started from the centre of the cake with the detail and worked my way out, going over the black outlines of facial features once I had filled in the skin and finishing with the hair – the one part of this cake I love because of the 3 dimensional texture it adds. What you can’t see on the photo is that the hair flows down the right side of the cake.

So that’s my first Barbie cake done. Wonder if it will be my last…




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