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A Hong Kong Disneyland Christmas

Another year, another Disneyland Hong Kong Christmas. Our kids are always excited at the prospect of spending a day of merriment amongst the festivities out there.

Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa … who doesn’t love seeing that.

And the kids did enjoy it … kinda, only it was virtually the same parade as last year.

For some reason the decorations in Disneyland were minimalist for 2012 – a little sad and disappointing compared to previous years. The Christmas parade wasn’t anything like what you would get in the US parks – only happening on Main Street and only involving Mickey, Duffy, Minnie, Goofy and Donald with a short burst of fake snow during some of the performance. You kind of wonder why Disney don’t go all out. If you told me there was a massive parade with characters you don’t normally see we would be out there in a shot! (Bring back Lightning Mcqueen!!) Not only that, but Christmas is the one time of year people are most likely to splurge on shopping while they are there.

So there were a few quirky things that were different from last year.

Someone had planted a Christmas tree forest in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. It was cute and made me wish I could take one home.

The cafe on Main Street had a cute Santa Mickey ceramic cup with a very yummy chocolate mousse in it. We splurged on that one.

Mickey and Minnie had new costumes!

And possibly the best Christmas thing to come to Disneyland Hong Kong EVER …

Personalised Christmas ornaments! They weren’t cheap unfortunately but as a one off memento we couldn’t resist. (Don’t hassle me next year if I fall prey to the customised ornaments again)


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