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King’s Cuisine – Cantonese style Dim Sum (Yum Cha)

Yum Cha … one of our mainstays for lunch at least once on most weekends. There are so many GOOD dim sum restaurants here in Hong Kong it is truly hard to choose where to go at times. So it is probably no surprise that from time to time you will see me comment on several (what I consider good) Yum Cha places.

King’s Cuisine is a chain of restaurants. Our favourite is centrally located in Causeway Bay in a building called Windsor House not far from Victoria Park.

6/F, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

The entranceway when you exit the lift isn’t really my style, but you’re here to eat food so pay no heed to the scenery. Like the vast majority of Yum Cha restaurants in Hong Kong, there are no trolleys; just pieces of paper for you to fill out. They do have an english version  and while it isn’t as vast as the chinese version I normally have the luxury of ordering from thanks to my darling hubby it still contains all the mainstays and good stuff.

Haa Gow (Steamed prawn won tons) are very nice here. They contain prawns you can actually see rather than a mushed up paste and the outside wrapper isn’t chewy.

Their char suew bau (steamed BBQ pork buns) are also nice according to Mitchell. The baked equivalent I have tried are also very tasty. The only mainstay dish I would possibly say to avoid here is their salt and pepper squid which has a little too much MSG for my liking.

The real treasure at this restaurant are the noodles. Actually, for me, one particular dish – yook sea chow mien (stir fried pork on a bed of fried egg noodles).

Many places in Hong Kong tend to have much softer noodles or very little crunch or both. At King’s Cuisine (In Causeway Bay at least) you will find the dish served on a bed of freshly fried crispy egg noodles that will crunch in the mouth. It isn’t oily or greasy and for those who want their noodles more soggy they simply have to wait for the sauce to soak through the interior noodles for a few minutes. The pork is stir fried with garlic chives and bean sprouts in a light sauce. Mmmm … Yummy!

The other nice thing about this restaurant is the price. This is one of the cheaper restaurants in Causeway Bay so good value for money.

You can save even more by going in their non-peak hours of morning tea and afternoon tea when they have discounts on many of the dim sum dishes.



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