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Phuket – The Food

When on holidays we like to try the local cuisine. In fact, if we can get away with eating what the locals eat we are normally happier than sitting in the hotel restaurant.

After a shocking suggestion from the concierge on our first day in Phuket where we ended up eating western food with some token ‘westernised’ Thai dishes we were determined to try places that were a little more traditional.

The irony is, we found most places we went around Patong Beach and Karon Beach catered to tourists, not the locals. It was sad to see the Thai culture so diluted by the tourism industries demands. Determined we eventually tracked down one restaurant at the northern end of Patong Beach – Baan Rim Pa.

Unfortunately I don’t have the photos of the food we got from here thanks to a self-inflicted corruption of my photo hard drive *sob*.

The restaurant was expensive by Thai standards, but the quality of the food we were served was excellent. The kids couldn’t get enough of the Thai fish cakes or spring rolls. The curries were nice and the soft shell crab was a stand out dish. We finally had our first ‘nice’ meal in Phuket. They even had a cookbook which I decided to buy as it had a few of the recipes for the dishes we had tried in it. I have yet to give them a go, but you can be assured I will. 😉

Eventually we decided with food we would have to go with the touristy flow as Patong and Karon seem to exist solely for the non-locals. The best restaurant we experienced with the touristy vibe was ‘Savoeys’ in the heart of Patong.

The restaurant had a vast array of seafood along the street front to choose from and the option to sit inside or outside. With the kids and humidity we chose to sit inside although the atmosphere was definitely more happening outside with a live band playing.

The crab – in a yellow chilli sauce was delicious. The consistency was unusual as you might be able to tell from the photo but the flavour was good and complimented the crab well.

The fried noodles were very tasty. We ordered a ‘gwai dew’ as well as a pork stir fried hoor phan (pictured) and both were enjoyable. The kids devoured the pork hoor phan vegetables and all.

With a tummy full of good food, what better way to head back to the non-resort than in a tricked out tuk-tuk?

Complete with music flashing bass thumping lights we bopped our way from Patong back over to Karon in true crass tourist style like a Christmas tree at a techno concert. The delight on the kids faces as we bopped down the roads was worth the expense. Expense I say because the tuk-tuk drivers wouldn’t budge on their prices and were only slightly cheaper than a hotel car. Never-the-less the novelty factor and laughter we got from the ride was worth it and probably something I would be sucked into doing again. 😉


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