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Katzuma Cake

Moshi Monsters seem to be sweeping through 7 to 10 year olds in Hong Kong at the moment. Back in October they were already on the rise and Bethany was obsessed with one of the characters – Katsuma. You can guess what kind of cake she asked for … Moshi Monsters.

The cake itself is a pink and green coloured vanilla sponge. Katzuma was traced on the cake using piping gel and iced using buttercream.

The kids loved this cake so much I had to make another one a week later for a friend of Bethany who also had her birthday!

On top of that I had a mum come up and ask me what I had put into the cake as it was the only cake her son had ever wanted to eat (and eat a whole slice of). Cake creation isn’t just about looks … taste is just as important.

To go with the cake we made simple Moshi party favours.


Moshi toys, cards and a slap watch were in the bags. I don’t do candy in party bags. I have come to the conclusion I would rather put a few small good gifts in the party favours rather than junk and candy.

Bethany had a karaoke party where a lunch for each person was included in the cost of the room hire. She and her friends had a crazy time singing and dancing. Even the adults had loads of fun joining in.

A simple cake and a fun party in a cool venue meant a very low stress party.


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