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Balls …

It’s Australia Day … and so a patriotically appropriate post is required …

Back in July we were down in Sydney on an obligatory visit of family. The kids wanted to go to the aquarium and Australian Wildlife World (now renamed Wild Life Sydney Zoo) in Darling Harbour whereupon we came across this typical Aussie male …

He’s a red kangaroo incase your interested …

We couldn’t help but wonder what the real tourists thought of this guy. Certainly the ones who walked passed him while we were there were laughing their heads off as much as we were.

Mitchell also came eye to eye with a Cassowary, something you certainly wouldn’t do if the glass wasn’t there.

I’m not sure whom found who more interesting as Mr Cassowary followed Mitchell along the entire length of the enclosure.

This “zoo” is an interesting one as despite being on such a small plot of land it does give kids and adults alike a very ‘in your face’ experience with some of Australia’s more interesting animals. It isn’t the best native animal habitat in Sydney, but for convenience (especially for tourists) it is ideally located. It seemed smaller this most recent visit. I think this is due to some of its space being given to the new Madame Tussaud which is a sad shame. I don’t know about you but I would rather have a close encounter with the rich and entertaining wildlife of Australia than a wax figurine.

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