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Malay Chinese Takeaway – Great Laksa in the heart of Sydney’s CBD

Many of our “local haunts” in Sydney for eating out have sadly disappeared since we stopped living there. One however, in the heart of the CBD is still thriving, still full of lunch time queues and still as incredibly tasty as ever!

You probably wouldn’t pick Sydney as a city to have good Malaysian food, but you would be wrong, especially when it comes to Malay-Chinese Takeaway. Great on the palatte and not a strain on the wallet like several of the other Malaysian restaurants in the city, this is one place we always make a v-line for when we get the chance on our short trips back to Sydney.

Malay-Chinese Takeaway
Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000
(Closest intersection Bligh St/ Castlereagh St.)

It is a small nondescript restaurant on Hunter Street. Blink and you’ll miss it. No flashy signage, no fancy decor – just a plain functional setting with incredibly tasty food. Getting a seat here is nigh but impossible after about 12 pm  and before 2 pm as the throngs of business workers fill the place, but it makes for a buzzing atmosphere if you can tolerate the crowds.

As to the food – well – it is hard to pick something bad on the menu.

The laksa is rich, tasty and incredibly filling and certainly Bethany’s favourite should you ask her.

The seafood laksa (pictured) has calamari, prawn fish cake and tofu in a chilli coconut soup with noodles and bean sprouts.The serving is generous and while sometimes a little messy, definitely enjoyable to eat. You can ask for more sambal to increase the spiciness at no extra cost.

The dish I would most recommend here is the combination hor phun.

This is a mixture of hor phun (flat rice noodles) and mai phun (thin rice noodles) stir fried and coated in stir fried seafood, chicken and veges in a gooey yet satisfying sauce. The red sambal to the left is optional, but if you like a kick to your food I would certainly recommend it … although not as much as we have heaped on our plate unless you like it super chilli.

They also do a semi-decent hainan chicken and chow kway deow that are very satisfying.

The restaurant welcomes kids (and my kids love it) but not really ideal during the peak hours, however another option we used to do is order take-away and find someone around the city like the Botanical Gardens to sit and have a laksa picnic. Man oh man do I miss being able to do that.

If I could bring this dish back to Hong Kong, I would, but I know it wouldn’t last until take off as I wouldn’t be able to resist eating it. 😉


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