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Birthday Happiness – A cake for charity

Not all children know the special joy of receiving a birthday cake. In Hong Kong there is a big divide between the rich and the poor. The poor of Hong Kong are often forgotten, but not by all of us.

One charity here runs special birthday parties for underprivileged children. These children get to experience a real birthday party and a cake.


I made this cake for one of the parties. Intentionally simple it is a plain vanilla sponge cake topped with buttercream and sprinkles. It isn’t anything special insofar as creativity, yet for the children who got to call it their own birthday cake it was the best thing ever.

The balloons were created using a star tip. The star sprinkles came from TwinsCo.

Every child deserves to feel special. That’s why I donated my time and resources to this cake. I really hope I get the chance to do it again!

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