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Mid-Autumn Lantern Fashion – 2012

During Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns are all the rage. The longer I am in Hong Kong the more I notice trends and themes appear in festive holidays. In 2011,Toy Story and Stitch were dominant for lanterns. The year before was Cars and Power Rangers. 2012 became the Angry Bird lantern year. Everywhere you looked there were variations on the theme outstripping the more traditional lanterns.

My sprogs were not immune. Mitchell had his heart set on a black “bomber” lantern, while Bethany wanted something pink. Amazingly I was able to fulfil both their requests.

Lanterns like these aren’t expensive. In fact, I would hazard to say they are ridiculously cheap. For a plastic inflatable angry bird lantern with a light inside playing annoying midi music I payed only HK$30 each (That’s AU$3.71). This thankfully includes an off switch.

A small price to pay for hours of fun. For fun indeed was had. The children had several different events with opportunities to march, carry and play with their lanterns.

You can tell they’re having fun in these pics, taken from a school event.

I appreciate and cherish the opportunities the kids have to experience festivals they would never have had the opportunity to experience outside our house back in Australia.  Living overseas we get to enjoy the best of all the cultures we are a part of.



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