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Mid-Autumn Festival in Victoria Park

As the years go by Chinese celebrations come and go moving through Hong Kong like a slow tide that ebbs from one year to the next. One celebration that is always eagerly anticipated by my sprogs is Mid-Autumn for the colour and lanterns it brings to Hong Kong. Apartment complexes put up displays and lanterns with some even covering their fences and exteriors with fairy lights.

Victoria Park in Causeway Bay puts on a display of sponsored lanterns every year. It is always different and you never quite know what you might see.

Case in point this year was Mr Soy Sauce.

Yup. That’s my kids standing next to a super-sized anamorphic Lee Kum Kee soy sauce bottle. You don’t see that every day – do ya?

Mid-Autumn is about lights and lanterns … and lots of people. It is also about wonderful shots of a brilliant full moon … something my point and click Canon wasn’t able to achieve.

This brightly lit sphere was actually an auditorium where performances took place inside. Meanwhile it slowly changed colour throughout the night. My understanding is the auditorium was designed to depict a flower. Regardless of what you think it is it was prominent and pretty.


There were quite a few lanterns for the kids to appreciate. They were spread out, mostly I think to compensate for the huge crowds that turn out to see them. It can seem a little sparse if you go when it is quiet but quiet also allows you the opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship rather than being pushed and shoved around as people jostle to take photos.

After a bit of lantern gazing the kids got some light up helicopter sticks (stupidly cheap – HK$10) and we found an open area to fire them into the night sky. The kids had such a fun time firstly getting the hang of the catapult and secondly trying to see who could get theirs to fly the furthest while I stood there worried about how many people their helicopters were going to hit.

Nevertheless a night out with the lanterns is always great fun and well worth the trip, especially if you can find a time when there is less of a crowd.




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