Bethany / giraffe / giraffes

G for Giraffe

Few things make Bethany happier than her giraffes. This collection are just one of her ‘families’. She loves all things giraffe, adores seeing them in zoos and likes nothing more that to feed them when the opportunity arises.

This all stems from a Christmas present given to her when she was 3 months old by her Aunty Ange. A present she grasped when she first got it and has never let go… A present we didn’t even realise at the time would become her most cherished childhood companion…


This little guy (a Nici giraffe) has travelled the world with Bethany, living on her bed for the last 8 years. He’s still going strong and despite having a few duplicates of him (incase he should meet a tragic end or wear out) he is still her most treasured possession.

Some parents frown on the idea of companion toys. Personally I have experienced the delight it brings my child, the comfort it bring when she’s not feeling well, the security it gives when she goes to bed at night, the relief it brings by offering familiarity where-ever we are. I know a time will come as it does with all childhood companions when she will slowly ween him out of her life, but until then I won’t deny her the happiness of her life-long friend.

Our kids grow up so quickly. More-so here in Hong Kong where they loose their interest in dolls and princesses at quite a young age and substitute it with fashion and designers and in Bethany’s case, shoes. So while she holds on tightly to her beloved plush giraffe I shall too as it allows her and I to cling to her innocent childhood a bit longer.




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