buttercream / Cake Decorating

Geek Cake Time

There be a penguin here …

Not just any penguin of course. This one happens to be Tux, the Linux penguin.

There ae a few versions of Tux out there. I preferred classic Tux for this cake. Especially given the age of the recipient.

Tux was drawn onto the cake using piping gel. I then traced around the lines with black buttercream icing (Wilton tip #3). The eyes and beak were the first part of the design to be filled. The eyes were created using a Wilton #3 tip, while the star filled areas were created with a #16 tip. After the face, I worked from the centre out filling the white tummy first.

Black on black produces the unique problem of loss of detail. In the finished cake I piped on the eyebrows and flippers using white buttercream and a #2 tip.

Geeks amongst you might also notice the cake is coded. Hubby offered up this little gem. It actually caused quite a conversation amongst the IT geeks at the event. I could have used any number of coding phrases, but as I didn’t want to write a cake full of script this worked for it’s simplicity.

Geek cakes are fun. I think I might have to try doing a few more. 😉



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