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Titus’ Pick – 10 Best Arnie Quotes of All Time

A few months back there was an article posted on line that made news in Australia listing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top 10 one -liner quotes. I remember showing it to my hubby (an avid Arnie fan) to which he said the article was wrong and they hadn’t included the best one-liners at all.

To put this in context, my hubby can quote almost word for word Arnie lines in many (most) of his movies (also the case for Stallone movies). Not only do I have to endure watching the movies with him, but my husband rattling off the lines in sync with Arnie as well. He’s lucky I love him so (hubby, not Arnie).

So, I asked my hubby to choose HIS favourite Arnie one liners (to date), and this is the list he came up with – in no particular order.

“Stick Around.” – Predator (Titus’ #1 favourite Arnie quote)

“Consider this a divorce.” – Total Recall

“Let off some steam, Bennett” – Commando

“Don’t disturb my friend. He’s dead tired.” – Commando

“My name is John Kimble and I love my car.” – Kindergarten Cop

“It’s NOT a tumor.” – Kindergarten Cop

“I’ll Be Back” – Terminator

“Hasta la Vista, Baby.” – Terminator 2

“You’re Fired!” – True Lies

“It’s Turbo Time!” – Jingle All The Way – mostly for the way Arnie pronounces it.

Notable mentions also included:

“If it bleeds, we can kill it.” – Predator

“Get to da choppa!” – Commando

A quote from The 6th Day using the F word which I won’t include here as I try to keep my blog PG rated. You’ll have to look that one up.

“Blue Boy Alert” – True Lies – not so much for the quote but for the memorable way in which Arnie pronounces it.

“Tonight’s forecast: A FREEZE is coming!” – Batman and Robin

Obviously unless you know the context most of these quotes won’t make sense, but if you’re an Arnie fan or the quote reminds you of the particular scene in the movie it is from, well – then the one-liner certainly did its job! 😉

And now I will probably have to endure a marathon of Arnie movies for the next couple of weeks while Titus relives the enjoyment of these quotes in their full movie glory. Lucky me!


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